Sudden Strike 4 Playable Demo !!
Been surfing the web and try as i might i can not find a playable demo anywhere . I've watched a playable demo been played on YouTube but that's been it .You can't wet everyone's appetite like this and not put a demo out.

So far i get the impression that the Gameplay is a cross between Panzers and Blitzkrieg , I'm not saying this is a bad thing but when it comes to the Sust the original developers did lose the plot when it came to Sust 3 and don't forget the spinoffs . 

Big Grin I have high hopes that you've returned the Sust series back to what made it awesome in the first place.
Hi NaRvIcK DeViL.
First of all Sudden Strike 4 is still right in the middle of development and there is no demo, playtest or anything like this available.
What might have seen might have been footage from either last years Kalypso press event and/or gamescom, where we showed the game and players could get an impression/first look.
Nevertheless this footage is already outdated, development progressed on and even now, some things you might see can still be subject to change.

So if it comes to latest footage, you should watch the trailer we released end of last year:

In addition to the video, we released an analysis, in order to get players updated, what has been changed and can be expected with the game:

Also there is a frequently updated FAQ that also covers and answers a lot of common questions all about the game. So please have a look in there as well:


Sorry Kiddo !!  No Demo . No Buy . I'm not paying the price for all the bugs that's going to be in the game when released on the market . If you don't release a demo the conclusion is your hiding something you don't want your customers to know until it's too late and then they have to download a whole host of patches.

I do understand we are now all conditioned to except this status quo, but for a change I'm going to buy this game for use on my PS4 not my PC, so if your asking anything between 40 to 50 quid and it's going to be a product that's riddled with flaws/bugs this from my perspective is a "No way Jose"  Big Grin

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