Things not working
1. The "Flexible Principles" tech. The tme limit on constitution changes remains at 5 years after getting this tech.
2. The option to receive the "Generals" tech, if selected, does not provide the promised tech, nor any other.
3. In the "T-day" mission, on entry to the Cold War era the screen shows "Nuclear Program or Space to enter next era": this does not happen.
4. In the Mission Editor, I always get a few spots where I cannot build because of "objects underneath" and such objects are invisible and cannot be removed: I have tried levelling the terrain, raising it pretty high and lowering it to deeper than the Marianas Trench, and scrubbing to a high polish with smoothing, all to no avail.

I greatly doubt that anything will be done about these, but I do prefer any program to do what it is supposed to.
Unfortunately you probably won't even get an answer.
I know. Oh yes, I really do know.

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