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(This is the coninuation of the previous Bugreport thread)

Please feel free to post any bugs in this thread and we will have a look at all of them and eradicate every bug as soon as possible.

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Additionally, when having problems with the "Hated Leader"-Event, please load your savegame and have a look, if you still cannot get past this event.

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(Old/previous thread for version 1.1.1: http://forum.kalypsomedia.com/showthread.php?tid=29441)
When creating a district bordering along the prebuilt roads of the map if you decide to cancel the build the road sections along that district that were connected to will disappear. Always good to save before building a district so you can go back for a do over if you're not satisfied with initial build.

I've also noticed that sometimes inventions don't stay researched, especially after loading the scenario. I researched triode and afterwards it disappeared so I had to research it again but it finished in seconds thankfully.
Some minor issues, nice to haves, or wish list Smile

Auto naming of Districts can produce the same name - see attached.
Some English spelling mistakes in mouse over texts and information panes - suggest spell check.

Finance TAB information does not break down income and the wording is slightly wrong.
  Mouse over shows Income - it would help to have income from Citizens tax and Business Tax displayed here - rather than having to enter Council and Tax Proposal
                                         - it would help if Expenses were broken down too
  Mouse over also shows City Budget  - this really should be "Surplus" or "Shortfall" if negative

Lack of a mini map or similar, even with 4 or 5 Districts you have to scroll map to get an overall view of the city. Perhaps the ability to Zoom out further so that the entire map is visible.

Ability to Modify multiple districts at the same time rather than have to perform the same task on each district in turn.

Political position on proposals can be radically different when you are setting them up on the City view to that when you enter the Council Chamber voting intentions . Will add evidence at next occurrence. Vote1 and Vote 2 show that the party positions on the two votes are different.

"The night is dark and full of terrors," Melisandre - but at least you can see them, the night is too dark and very difficult to add Districts or Services at night. Perhaps a graphics option to turn off day night cycle or auto switch off when placing such items.

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I agree that the night is too dark, needs to be lightened up so we can see better for drawing districts and placing buildings. Yes I hate spelling errors! Yeah I like the idea of doing multiple districts if you're making the same change. Must remember that as the cost increases so will the ability to pass it decreases. I use personal funds to make some changes, like RCI spread since it's free. Also buying cheap stuff like fine waste bins. I wish I could zoom in a little more, get closer to the ground.

Your vote example is in error, you're showing us two different votes, not the same one. Notice how the cost changed from 375 to 600 and the monthly costs are different. I have seen where the vote does look weird when first doing some votes right after creating them in the council chamber to stopping the clock and looking at them outside of the council. I rely on what I see outside after creation. Plus politicking can change vote breakdown over time.

I found a problem with the satellite vote, comes up often and the side info box doesn't relate to it at all, that's in the new version.
@Omnius Prime

Yes the two votes are for different things - the point is that the party positions are different in the council chamber to that shown on the pre vote box (smaller indication). It's not a bug (stops game playing) just an "un-designed game feature" annoying but you can work round it.
(30-01-2017, 06:48 PM)billyplod Wrote: @Omnius Prime

Yes the two votes are for different things - the point is that the party positions are different in the council chamber to that shown on the pre vote box (smaller indication). It's not a bug (stops game playing) just an "un-designed game feature" annoying but you can work round it.

I basically was telling you what you're telling me.
Excellent - at least we both know Big Grin

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