Urban Empire Hotfix v1.1.6.5 (27/01/2017)
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Version 1.1.6 Changelog:
  • Booting up the main menu no longer applies the same language setting as the player’s system preferences. This should resolve the issue with the in-game language reverting to an undesired setting.
  • Language: Chinese localization improved (added missing texts) and character set updated.
  • FIX: Revoke edicts appeals not functioning as they should.
  • FIX: Adjusted events parameters to fix some errors occurring with events that are confined to a specific era - eg. the “Hated Leader” event should now work as intended.
  • FIX: When “load” is selected, the delete button should no longer be clickable.
  • FIX: Adjusted parameters to fix issues with sales demand.
  • CHANGED: Event system - changed settings in the dialog, which sometimes  resulted in an error where choices in specific events (eg. “Cradle of Feminism”, which should be fixed) were not clickable.
  • CHANGED: Deleted placeholder content from the newspaper to prevent appearance of English text in other language versions.

UDPATE v1.1.6.5:
  • FIX:While creating a district and cancelling it, before you proposed/finished it, you will now once again be able to create a new one and the buttons will not be greyed out anymore.
  • FIX: Loading hanging / impossible to load games.
  • FIX: Portraits for Shuyskys in eras 4 and 5.

Known issue (v1.1.6.5)
In very rare cases, creating a district, might cause the name of the district to change and shows the current inventions name and also parties are not shown on the voting bar.
We are aware of this problem and we are working on it.
German Changelog?
Hi everybody.
Please be aware that due to problems with 1.1.6, we reverted back to 1.1.4.
As soon as we have more details we will update you accordingly.
Please have a look into the original post, which has been updated!
Version is now live and comes along with three additional changes that have been added in the original post as well. :voteyes:

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