[Mod Request] Faction Realism
This are some ideas I hace to make Factions a little more realistic, here they are

Faction Contradictions: This will make that members of one faction cant be part of the other factions which they contradict
Capitalists: Communists, Enviorementalists

Communists: Capitalists

Intellectuals: Religious, Nationalists, Loyalists

Religious: Intellectuals

Militarists: They dont have any contradiction

Enviorenmalist: Capitalists

Nationalists: Intellectuals

Loyalists: Intellectuals

Faction Contradictory Petitions: With this, you cant please everyone

Capitalists: Have at least one mansion, have a stock market, have at least 10 Private Buildings

Communists: Dont have mansions, dont have a stock market, dont have private buildings

Intellectuals: Have Media Freedom (Two contradictory faction newspaper at the same time), Dont have a conservative society (Any authoritarian edict will make this go away)

Religious: Ban Contraception, Prohibition Edict

Militarists: Have at least one Army Base

Enviorementalists: [No new petition]

Nationalists: Do Not have any Private Buildings [Theybare foreign, after all]

Loyalists: Declare the Edict "Ideological Book" everytime it is avaible

Ban Faction: Returning the old edict from Tropico 3: Absolute Power, when you ban a faction, all die-hard supporters are ordered to be executed, all strong supporters are arrested, arranged an accident or executed (Depending on the amount of free cells and existence of a secret police) and Moderate Supporters will drop out of the faction, howerer, a 1/4 of the faction will save themselfs by becoming rebels, also, the edict reduces overal freedom and upsets intellectuals (Unless of course they are the banned ones) also, all buildings who might convert people to that faction are destroyed

I dont know about modding, so I dont even know if this is possible, so, if it is, I would be really thankful if someone made this real
Viva el Presidente!

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