Rimini Swarelia Saved Game File Bug
Yesterday I ran into a rather nasty bug. I created a picture that I turned into a short 10 second slideshow to show here.

First you can see industrial buildings that are outside of the district along the top of the Mamling district. You'll also see them along the far left hand side outside of the district, in fact outside of the city boundary. The buildings up top didn't go away when I built a new district above Mamling. Those industrial buildings along the top are now in a residential section of the new district. This is on the Rimini of Swarelia map. I never saw anything like this in my completed city on the Cape Swarelia map. I switched RCI spread many times on both maps but only here did I see a problem of buildings outside of districts, even in the middle of streets.

The second problem is having many avenues and streets running diagonally that weren't there when the district was first built. This problem started after I built two districts north of Mamling. I built 9 districts along the bottom edge of the map stacking them along two rows with one at the end. The road glitch carries throughout the whole map.

Thankfully I was building a test layout of districts for my next Urban Empire videos so can restart. I actually made some before and then restarted using my old saved game file names and the problem looks like it infected all of them. Perhaps reusing the same filenames caused this ugly graphics glitch. I'm going to restart and use different filenames to see if that solves the problem or not and will report results.

I have reported this problem to Kalypso, sending them two saved game files to show the before and after of the weird roads problem. I hope no one else has this problem but if so please send Kalypso support saved game files along with the dxdiag.txt file.

[Video: https://youtu.be/VIoOHhlCgbY]
I went back and restarted my city on the Rimini of Swarelia map and made all of my districts without a problem. I used fresh filenames. So I'm thinking that I caused the graphics glitch problem with industrial buildings building outside of districts and the city limits by reusing the same saved game files I used to build the first set of districts. It looks like the old files retained some of the original district info and caused this problem.

I hope this will save some some grief so that they don't experience this problem.

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