Disappearing Edict Bug
I just discovered that edicts can disappear without being voted upon. I was looking at the Safety Authorities edict to decide whether I wanted to bring it to a vote or not. I went through the steps getting to the screen showing where the parties stand on the issue before deciding to wait a while to try it again so I clicked on Cancel. When I immediately looked at the available edicts section it wasn't there were nor was it in the passed edicts area or the area where bills are waiting to be voted upon.

I had just saved my game right before looking at the edict so after running a little clock to see it didn't reappear I reloaded the saved game file. The edict was missing from that even though it was saved just before looking at the edict. I was able to go back to a prior save to find the Safety Authorities edict but lost my progress from that save forward. I did send in saved game files plus the dxdiag.txt file so am hoping that this bug will be fixed soon.

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