Cross platform Multiplayer (PC PS Xbox)
A question was put on the Tropico 5 forum about multiplayer using PC and PS.

I had not put much thought or effort into looking into this until quiet recently. I used to play several games on my home network (LAN) with my children. Now they have left, as children do, to live their own lives and enjoy there own world. Then they even split with one going PS route and one on Xbox. 

With Windows 10 you can play using Xbox live certain games that have been "configured" for play, it is also possible to cross platform on a limited number of titles between PS and Xbox, and fewer still with  PC support thrown in. Gaming seems to be moving more towards consoles has they become more powerful processing, but in the top end strategy arena consoles do not have enough processing power, yet !

So I guess my point is, is there sufficient need, want, requirement, requests from the gaming community to warrant developers moving to multi platform multiplayer support.

Then I can be the cool dad again and play the likes of Rocket League (which does support PC XBox PS) with my kids even if they wipe the floor with me.
Hello billyplod.
As awesome this sounds, and it is actually, more than just a developer willing to do so is needed.
So first of all Microsoft and Sony have to agree on such a game and the implementation of cross-platform, as both consoles are closed systems within each other. Cross-platform will also mean, that they have to open up to each other.

As you have stated, the list of games available, which can be played cross-platform falls really short on that.
So despite Rocket League, there is actually no game, that can be played from XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and altogether.

Additionally be aware that no platform should have an advantage, when it comes to muliplayer and gaming experience. So especially if it comes to strategy games that you have mentioned, keyboard and mouse players will always have an advantage over players with a controller. (Same for sure applies to other genres, such as e.g. Shooters and more.)

So summed up:
In theory cross-platform is really a nice thing, which for sure would be great and a huge advancement in terms of gameplay-experience, but if it comes (common) practice it is not possible, at least in most of the cases and for most of the games. Despite the fact that both console-companies have to sit on one table toegether with the developer/publisher as well and for sure, it is really hard in the first place, especially if it comes to competitive multiplayer, due to balancing reasons.

Therfore there are really none to barely a few games, that actually feature cross-platform at all.


Agreed with all you say. It's the console manufacturers that need to press this - Windows 10 and Xbox, both Microsoft, do offer that option. Sony's response was somewhat vague, it seems. This is all down to console sales.

My point was there isn't much call from the 'gaming community' to make this worthwhile. "Nothing gets fixed until its broken".
And also be aware of the rivalry between PlayStation-followers and XBox-followers, as well as Consoleros versus PC-players.
As long as they stick to this, it will be hard to make any change on that front.

So first of all: All gamers unite!



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