Some thoughts
I don't consider Dungeons a DK clone, if anything it's a limited dungeon crawler CRPG with some RTS components. That said I wish they took it more in a ‘craft type of direction. IE gather more materials, build gimmicks for the hero’s but also homes for the creatures, move creatures around to where you want,ect like war craft. All the while tweaking and leveling your Dungeon lord, flesh out the skill system a bit more so you can have a command skill tree that goes to buffing your monsters that you are closest to then giving any of your monsters in dungeon a small buff. I love prestige and designing the dungeon, but tis kinda overly limited, all prestige items should have hit points so blockcades can be bashed through or your potency in a dungeon is lowered if the hero’s get pissed off and destroy your stuff.(yes I did manage to make blockades of stuff to close pathes with).Which makes me think if you fill a path back up it should be obvious and easy for any hero to bash though in a few hits like a door. This way you are forced to think out your dungeon a bit more carefully.

As I see it prestige items gather power and spread your influence as well as limit your building capacity if you have to few of them. They are kinda of like the wiring to your power and magic systems. That said need a bit more randomness IE mad crazed monsters and hero’s that create havoc and destroy your dungeon that with random holes in the ceiling that drop in random hero’s or monsters would be nice to spice things up.. the game has so much potential but is wasted on being a clone and Dungeons 2 is made less of it….

I really wish they would take the original Dungeons and refine it a bit more add more warcraft style to it and let you go on the overworld as well, let you build bases and stuff on the overworld, but with the added wrinkle stuff/material has to be taken to the dungeon then made into a deployment box that any creature can carry but gets a bit damaged if dropped if they are attacked and can be destroyed by enemies,  once dropped to a site it can self build itself, if you have goblins/builders handy they can help build it faster if not it takes a bit longer. I am so in love with base building….and turrets…mainly turrets…..lots and lots of shiny flaming turrets of death!

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