The game doesn't start
Hello. I bought the game on DVD, installed and expected update from Steam. launched the game, opened the kalypso Launcher, I pressed "skip" without entering email and password, I pressed "play rise of venice", a black window opened with the title "Gaming Mind Studios GmbH Feb 24 2014" . And it has not gone further.
Checked game cache (all ok), uninstalled the game, cleaned windows registry, reinstalled the game: same result.
I have Win 7 64bit. I have read of netframework 4.5, my system have 4.6.1, downloaded the 4.5 but can't install because it find the most recent version 4.6.1.
have any suggestions?
I believe you need a Kalypso Account. Even the STEAM VERSION starts on the Kalypso Screen.
Also what Graphics card are you using. A black screen could indicate that your Video card can't render the image. If your not sure post your DXDIAG here.
Same problem, bought yesterday, logged in with registration, to the game. I enter the game only on the start page, options, campaign etc. the mouse moves to the rectangle smaller than the 4k screen but I can not use the mouse does not work on the home page, to change the resolution, nothing goes.
  PC: Intel Core i5 6400 - MoBo z170a gaming M3 - ram 16Gb - Nvidia GeForce GTX970 - Windows 10
Try compatibility mode for WIN7, but not on the Steam shortcut but on the .exe in the install folder.

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