Railway Empire FAQ

Tycoon Simulation
Q1 2018
PC, Linux,  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

What is Railway Empire?
Railway Empire is a new era of tycoon simulation game spanning 100 years of American industrialisation, where you will be tasked with building, managing and expanding your company utilising all the innovations of the steam engine revolution on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What are Railway Empire’s main features?
  • 300 technologies over two tech trees
  • 40 historically-correct locomotives and 30 wagons
  • Build, manage and expand your own railroad company.  Hire personnel, try your luck on stock market, sabotage your rivals and spy on their companies on your way to building your railway empire
  • Set in 1830 – 1930 North American Frontier era, with over 100 cities to play through
  • Five eras spanning 20 years each
  • Modding support for PC
  • High-quality graphics with highly detailed topography with seamless zooming
  • First to market on current gen console
  • Choose between six distinct characters each with their own skills or create your own
  • ‘Ride Along’ feature - ride your train in first person

What platforms will Railway Empire release on?
  • PC (Steamworks, Linux), PS4, Xbox One
  • First railroad tycoon style game on current generation consoles

Will there also be a physical version?
Yes. Railway Empire will also be sold at retail stores in all major markets.

When will Railway Empire release?
Q4 2017

Who is developing Railway Empire?
Railway Empire will be developed by Gaming Minds, located in Gütersloh, Germany. They are known for games like Patrician, the Port Royale series, and many other titles.

What languages will be available in Railway Empire?
The game will support English, German, French, Russian and simplified Chinese.

Will Railway Empire will feature a multiplayer mode?
No, there are currently no plans for multiplayer support

What engine does Railway Empire use?
Railway Empire uses Gaming Minds’ own engine.

Will it be possible to play the whole American continent right from the start, or when unlocking all states?
The campaign spans the entirety of the USA, separated into large and detailed sections (e.g. East Coast, Southern States, etc.). It will not be possible to play on one map that encompasses the complete land-mass of the USA though.

Will Railway Empire include customization of locomotives and wagons?
In Railway Empire, the player can customize the appearance of locomotives and the wagons with initials, numbers or the company logo.

Will players be able to customize the city/railway stations?
Depending on the size of the city and the influence of the player in that city, they will be able to build factories or other producing facilities there. With a lot of money and influence, they will also be able to build special buildings like universities or landmarks. Railway stations may be upgraded to accommodate more trains at the same time with more tracks. Further customization options (colours, etc) for buildings are not planned.

Will Railway Empire feature modding support?
Yes. Railway Empire will have modding support from day one through Steam Workshop. More details will be fleshed out closer to release.

How big will the tech tree be, and how will it look/play?
There are actually two separate tech trees in Railway Empire; one for trains, and one for business and buildings. All in all, there are more than 300 technologies to discover. The business and buildings tech tree lets the player unlock technologies that will benefit their economic performance, such as advertisements and foundations for different types of buildings. The train tech tree unlocks new locomotives bit by bit, but the player will have to research specific technological advancements that were actually crucial for the real-life invention of each particular locomotive. This way, locomotives should be invented at a fairly historically accurate time in-game. That said, a player may concentrate on certain sections of the tech tree depending on the scenario and their play style. You can for example ignore mail transport and only research locomotives and other technologies beneficial for the transportation of resources.

Will the player be able to create and customize their own personnel?
This is not planned at the moment.

Even though the game is historically authentic, can the player rename cities?
No. This is not planned at the moment.

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