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I'm hoping someone at Kalypso or Reborn can give me a little advice regarding educating social classes so I can achieve the 75% Elite, Middle Class and Student economic victory condition. I've built at least 5 or 6 grammar schools, around 4 or 5 High Schools as well as around 4 or 5 Vocational Schools and increased their service funding to level 5. I also built a few Post Offices and Museums yet as my population grows my percentage of those three classes drops. I have my whole city well covered by the optimal service range of the schools.

Is there some guide as to how many of each type of school we need for particular population levels? The Personal Growth value has been 10 ever since early in the first era and I'm now in the 5th era. I'm rather puzzled that in my latest game I made sure to build schools early and increase their service funding levels early. I also pass the bills that increase personal growth.

I built the University very early on and always did the upgrades as soon as possible, except the broken Community College one. I'm puzzled what else I need to do to increase the percentage of Elites, Middle Class and Students. I start out the game around 52% for those three but near the end of the 5th Era I'm down under 40%. I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping to get some help with this issue.

What would be really cool is to have Jusse do a video where he really explains the intricacies of how different things in the game work. The ones he's done have been too basic and really didn't give us the kind of useful tips we need to understand how certain features work.
I double checked my schools. I have 6 Grammar Schools, 3 Vocational Schools and 4 High Schools. I'm starting to wonder if I need to reduce Grammar schools to perhaps 2 and increase Vocational and High Schools by at least 1 each. I would have thought kids go to grammar school before going to vocational or high schools. Also wondering what part the University plays in creating Elites, that's what I would have thought. After high school students could opt for University to get better paying jobs to become elites. I sure hope someone has some useful info on this.

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