Trade Missions, Why Bother?
I'm really starting to wonder whether Trade Missions are really worth doing. They always seem to give us a minus 5 sales demand instead of a positive 5. Sometimes we may get in addition a 1 point quality boost for our business which helps with increasing sales but I can't tell if it gives us a net benefit. Sometimes we may get a 1 point boost to our personal growth if we stick our noses into the local politics but I'm doubtful it's worth the -5 sales demand.

I also wonder if the effects of the trade mission only last during the length of the mission. Do the effects disappear after the mission is over? Or do some have lingering effects after the mission is over? So many details not explained by the developers. Sure would be nice if they gave us more input on how things work and relate to each other. An instructive video would be cool.

I would think that a trade mission would give us a +5 sales demand boost plus more quality boosts. Trade missions should give us positive business dealings or why bother doing them?

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