Frequency with which Prince demands should be checked.
I almost have my nascent super Hanse of 500k inhabitants (at the professional level) working and ready to expand, but I'm having issues taking care of the demands of the local feudal lords.

Right now I make it a point to look at the outstanding demands for each region every 7 game days, but I'm wondering if doing so every five might not keep the little bastards a bit more satisfied.  How often  do new demands spawn, in other words?
Hi Duke Leto,

every mission in P4, no matter if offered in the tavern, the guild, the townhall or demanded by the sovereign has the following parameters:
1. display duration = number of days it is available after appearing
2. mission duration = number of days within it has to be completed after appearing
3. idle time = number of days it could appear again after appearing last time
4. max count = number of missions of the same kind possibly available at the same time
5. min rank = players rank necessary for appearance

Knowing this a precise appearance frequence of sovereign missions cannot be predicted but checking every 7 days should be fine (maybe six is more secure) for almost all sovereign missions have a display duration of 7 days (none less).

Anyway, in the end (-game) this knowledge does not really help against one of the most annoying circumstance in P4 (don't get me wrong, I still love it): the frequence the landlords pleasance is decreasing increases with the number of peeople living in the Hanse/region.
So, in a big Hanse, and yours is quite big in this terms, it becomes more and more difficult to keep those piggishly, so called lords, satisfied.

If you need a happy landlord to release a road or something else needing >90% happiness let him successfully siege and plunder a towns treasure. He will be so happy about his success that it becomes easier to bribe him with "missions" - means his happiness is "reset".
And if this town is under your control: make sure that the town treasue is empty because, yes, these blue blooded fools are so geery that they even steel debts. Big Grin

Fortunately all the land routes and personal cities are available, because I've been carefully building up the fortifications of all the towns to ensure against that happening.  (OK, I was becoming mayor to build hospitals and chapels and expanding the walls and fortifications was also doable.)

Right now the big problems are that the AI can't keep its salt businesses stocked with timber, and plagues and famines caused by the resultant fish shortages limiting timber production.  I've been buying up the salt industry, and the situation seems to be stabilizing.

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