trouble dungeons2 starting
hi i received the game today and after installing, it asks me to apply some patch. that i install. After when i lunch the game i have a windows that said to me that it's the 1.6.1 patch and it explain to me the change. it ask me the 
my mail and my password ==> ok 
after i click on continue
it ask me a code???? or lunch the game

i don't know the code so i clic on "play to dungeons 2"
and after 10seconds windows said to me that the game stop.

Please help me*

my config
 windows 7 premium family 32 bits
pentium 2ghz
4go ram
Hello dadblues.
please be aware that you are only running a 32bit OS, which only supports a maximum of 3GB total RAM.
Are you running Game of Winter as well?
This even requires a 64bit system at all in order to properly run and be played in the first place.

Summed up, your system needs to be updated to a 64bit OS to also make use of the overall build-in RAM.



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