Citizens needs
I love this game but I cannot feel that it seems a bit too easy.

Also my main gripe is Citizens Needs. If a citizen has a need fulfilling such as Faith and you do not have a church on your island then the need is topped up anyway?? To me this is a game breaker. My builder had very low bars on faith and fun
and when he ate a meal to top up his hunger, the faith and fun were maxed out too.

I wish there was a mod to make it so the game did not top up needs without having the appropriate building. It does not make sense the way it is.

It would be good to have it so that if any one of a Citizens needs dropped below 50%, he/she would not do any work at all.

Big shame as otherwise the game is great, just made me lose interest.
are you playing a scenario? Because normally the needs are not filled and should be going down with out the building.. (aka they skip getting need filled)

Also what are your settings on? Maybe you put it on easy/sandbox?

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