Tropico and tropico 3 YouTube Recording (and Copyright blocking) due to ingame music
I've been recording Tropico gameplay, just curious to why it was music copyright blocked.  Now i have more up an same thing is it disputable? the only thing its doing is making them not monetized which isn't a big deal, just don't like having Copyright issues showing on me account. Now i have 2 1602 videos, even though they are copyright-blocked due to Monetizing, I've dealt with it before I have been (an still have a video blocked by blizzard with a cut-scene in it) not sure why cut-scenes aren't allowed either... just some videos with some cut-scenes others got through, YouTube has confusing copyright flagging system, if I contest it will still be okay I guess. Or should I just remove the music altogether (I hate not having the in-game music though).

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