Vikings - WoM Bugreport Thread
While we hope by Odin that none of you encounter any bugs at all, we are aware that a software product will never be 100% bug free.
Please feel free to post any bugs in this thread and we will have a look at all of them and eradicate every bug as soon as possible.

Here is a list of all known issues we are aware of and are working on and could not be axed out before release anymore:
  • Some graphical glitches (uncommon)
  • Random performance drops (rare)
  • Pathfinding with M/K can cause problems at some corners or obstacles. (rare)
  • Some Spanish Loca-related issues: German shows up in other sidequest-log.
  • When you cant move or got stuck in motion, open inventory and close. Hard to find this issue in the code. (super-rare)

But before posting any bug and/or problem, please have a look in this thread and make sure all of the requirements and workaround have been applied:

If all the solutions could not help, and the bug has not been reported in here as well (to avoid reposting bugs that might have already been posted.) feel free to use this thread to report in-game bugs:

In case of graphics display issues or crashes, please include a DxDiag (when posting a DxDiag, please wrap it up with the BB-Code), summary and describe reproduction steps if possible.
We will take a look at every reported issue to ensure a quick solution is provided if necessary.
To create the DxDiag.txt, please do the following:

  • Click "Start" button and choose "Run". Or alternatively, press (Windows-Button)+R.
  • Then type "dxdiag" (without quotation marks) and click Ok.
  • You will find all relevant information in the following window.
  • Click the "Save all Information" button, located at the bottom of the program window.
  • Save the file as "dxdiag.txt".
  • Attach the file "dxdiag.txt" with your reply.
  • Last but not least, you can also contact our technical support, if you are having technical issues:
I had one instance of not being able to equip items while in my own town. Went to main menu and hit continue and then it worked fine. Not sure how it happened.
I can't buy runes from merchant. Trying to drag and drop them to my inventory but nothing happens. I have a free slots in my inventory and enough gold and jotunjarns...

PS: I have a PC version.

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