Suggestion List
I would like to start off by saying I love the game and almost everything related to it.

I'm saying almost because there are some things that are missing.
Here is my list of things that really need to be added.
  • Quivers for Archers. It's a bit annoying (immersion wise) to see arrows spawning from nowhere.
    There are 2 solutons here : 1- Add quivers with the bows (just basic , they don't have to be separate items)
    2- Add an effect to the arrow spawn.. so it looks like he's spawning arrows with magic.

  • Possibility to upgrade Legendary weapons. I love the Legendary Weapons. I don't wanna give them up for a unique or magic weapon that has more stats. Is it possible to make it so people can upgrade their legendary weapons? (even if they cost a lot of materials)

  • Potions. A small slot for potions that we can drink to give us some stats , more experience , speed , etc

  • Co-Op on the same Console/PC . Idk if i'm allowed to mention or not but look at Diablo 3 . If you're on a console you can plug in a 2nd controller and play with a 2nd character. Same should be done in this game

  • Possibility to remove runes from items. If it isn't a feature yet. It should be. Pretty obvious why.

  • Shrines appearing on map if we pass them. If I pass a shrine it should appear for me on map/minimap. They shouldn't appear on the map from the start , just if we pass them along the mission.

  • Shrine buff duration. A small timer above the buffs would be nice.

  • Possible option to not auto-loot normal items? and just loot items of a certain quality? Would be helpful.

  • More hidden areas in maps . More item sets that we have to build , like the God Weapons. This is a must. ITS AWESOME!

  • A list of console commands(For single player + disabled achievements)? I saw that Shift+`(~) opens up a console where there is "god" , "add exp" , "give exp" , and a few more but didn't get them to workSmile don't know the full commands.

  • Maybe in the future more gods to choose from? 

  • A bank where to store items? This is really needed especially with all the items we gather.

Thank you for reading the list. This is just my thought of a better gameplay which wouldn't be hard / time consuming to implement.
(I will edit the post with more suggestions along the way)
Also want to add my 3 cents...

There is a 5 gods but I can create only 4 characters... So if I want to try all 5 gods I have to delete one of my previous characters... So one more character slot would be nice.

If I want to buy 1000 Wood during Trade Resource option I should click 1000 times LOL. Option to insert a number of resources from keyboard or an option to increase resource count by maybe 100 during trade would be great (Alt + LMB Click or Shift + LMB Click).

PS: I have a PC version.
Oh. I didn't know that you can create 4 chars only.

Yea that needs to be changed.
And the resource thing too. I didn't use those yet so... good suggestions
I play the PS4 version from Day One and I faced the following issues/bugs/requests so far:

1) Bug: The "Gold Standard Trader" trophy is glitched. It doesnt unlock.
2) Bug: The text that is displayed on the corners of my TV, is cut off (eg the objectives). There should be an option to resize the effective area of the screen.
3) Request: There should be a log/counter on which challenges have been already completed on each map, so that when I replay them, I can easily see what remains to be completed.
4) Request: There should be an option to un-socket runes... Or to keep them automatically when i dismantle the item that has them.

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