PlayStation 4/XBox One Technical FAQ
Hail Odin!
Please have a look into the following tips, tricks and workarounds, if it might come to problems with your Vikings - Wolves of Midgard PlayStation 4 version.
  • When you have bought the physical-/retail copy of the game, please make sure that Vikings- Wolves of Midgard v.1.01 is installed.
    As this is our Day1 Patch and includes already includes some fixes as well as performance improvements.
    Even though you can start the game without the patch after you have inserted the DVD, we recommend downloading and installing the patch first, before playing.
    If you have obtained a digital version, the game will automatically be downloaded and updated to v.1.01.

  • If it comes to lags, slow performance, please check following in addition to v.1.01 (both consoles):
    - Check, if you have closed all other games/applications/programs properly, or if they are still running in the background and minimized.
    - Also check if there is enough hard disc space available, or if your storage is already at max. This might slow down your machine overall, not just when playing Vikings - Wolves of Midgard.

    To do so, we would recommend to simply "defragment" your console as follows for PlayStation 4 (XBox One is frequently cleaning up the storage on its own):
    1)Turn the PlayStation 4 off. Not in standby/powersave mode but completely off.
    (Wait a few seconds that the whole system is down and nothing is running or still in process of stilll turning off.)
    - Enter Safe Mode: To do so, pess and hold the power button of the PlayStation 4 until you hear a second beep (This might be after around 5-10 seconds
    - Plug in your PlayStation 4 controller in to one of the USB ports via an Micro USB Cable (either supplied with the controlles, but charging cables for e.g. Android phones will do as well) and press the "PlayStation"-button on your controller to enable it.
    - Scroll down down to option "5. Rebuild Database" and press X to select/apply this setting. Choose "Yes" to continue.
    - Your PlayStation 4 will now start the process and until completion do not power down the console, otherwise it might result in data corruption.
    (This whole process may take probably several minutes, depending on the amount of data on your hard drive.)
    *Disclaimer: You will not lose any data by preforming this, as this is simply a method, to clear the storage of not used data (fragments) and simply adds some more (probably needed) space. It is simply a defragmentation of your hard drive, similar to the PC.

  • When playing Coop, be aware of following (both consoles):
    - Enable port 7777 in your router, if possible
    - Check, if your Router offers UPnP and enable it.

  • Additionally, this is how you actually set up a Coop-lobby on PSN/XBox Live:
    1) Please note that you need PS+ / Xbox Live Gold to use multiplayer
    2) Start the game
    3) Create a new character or select a character from your already created list of characters to play with
    4) Select ‘Multiplayer’ in the main menu of your game & confirm
    5) Select Type ‘Online’ [Only PS4]
    6) Select ‘Host a game’
    7) Select ‘Private game’
    8) The game starts, where ever your last checkpoint with the selected character has been
    9) Go to in-game menu via touchpad (PS4) or ‘Back’ button (Xbox One)
    10) Select ‘Invite a Friend’ (from your friendslist)
    11) Your friend than needs to accept/confirm this invitation, waiting in his/her inbox, to join the game

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