Vikings - WoM: Version 1.01 Changelog
Mouse and Keyboard controls changes/fixes
  • Fixed: Selling/Buying with RMB is now possible
  • Fixed: Rune-Bug in Inventory with Mouse and Keyboard
  • Fixed: “Not enough resources“-window suddenly appearing at Blacksmith when using Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed: Issue with Items that could not always be placed on slot when using Mouse & Keyboard
  • You can now purchase runes from Fardain the merchant with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Click&Hold to trade resources with merchant is again possible with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed constructions that could not be destroyed with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed wood Icon being too close to number in mouse & keyboard
  • Fixed: Rare issue with Hosts seeing console-buttons, when hovering over continue text in dialogs with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed: Character stopping movement when holding down left mouse-button (LMB) and moving over the skillbar
  • Fixed: Blocker on “Dvergheim Blues” after finishing “Path into Darkness” in MP with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed: Controls will be switch to controller when using the arrow-keys while in a shop - fixed but controls need to be reset once

  • Trial of Gods: Thor - Lightning now visible for client player and does damage to him
    Client now sees gift triggered with B (Loki) by host
  • Fixed: Trial of Gods drops are not always showing up in inventory
  • Fixed: Player respawns below ground in Ulfung Village
  • Fixed Achievement “Gold Standard Trader” not unlocking
  • Fixed: Rare issue with Players stuck in the ground
  • Client now can use the portal on the raid “Viking Marauder” to go back
  • Fixed: Rings which falsely did not add their stats to overall stats
  • Fixed: Rare resolution changes after character creation
  • Fixed: Invisible wall on Ettin Hunt
  • Fixed: Flag-counter resets on Old Enemy
  • Fixed: Rare issue, where player is not able to finish “Battle of Kairlion”
  • Fixed: Game freezes, when putting together Artifact weapons
  • Fixed: Player stuck location on “Paladin Crusade”
  • Fixed: Rare issue, where the player could not progress correctly, when playing tutorial after MP game
  • Fixed: Wrong gender in cutscene-text
  • Fixed: Portal bug on “Simul”-level
  • Fixed: Item/Progress loss bug
  • Borderless windowed mode changed
  • Fixed: Rare issue with players unable to move after upgrading Skald as client in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Object named "new game" on “Unexpected Ally” visible in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Rare issue with character sliding on “Unexpected Ally”
  • Fixed: Inventory displayed without options after travelling
  • Fixed: Rare infinite loading screens when starting raids
  • Fixed: Various localization errors
  • Fixed: Bossfight in Jarnung Village
  • Fixed: Characters sliding on “Flotnar Liberation”
  • Fixed: Enemies disappearing on “Unexpected Ally”
  • Nerfed Bossfight on Jarnung village on some difficulties
  • Fixed: Rare issue with rage mode unable to be activated in tutorial
  • Fixed: Steam Achievements Icons
  • Fixed: Weapons of killed enemies jumping or hovering
  • Fixed: Stats Menu last line broken
  • Fixed: Rare issue in Ulfung Village, where players could not move after talking to merchant
  • Runesmith now has an item on the map
  • Fixed: Skalli Bossfight having English voiceover in German version
  • Fixed: Issue on “Old Enemy”, where player could get stuck behind chest
  • Fixed: Issue on “Bishops Gambit”, where Player could get stuck behind chest

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