Vikings Version 1.01 Bugreport Thread

Please be aware that we needed to do a rollback of the version 1.01-patch-
We are currently working and testing a new version of this patch to be released.
We are sorry about the inconvience that might be caused and appreciate your patience.

(This is the coninuation of the previous Bugreport thread)

Find the latest and full changelog of version 1.01 here:

Before posting any bug and/or problem, please have a look in this thread and make sure all of the requirements and workaround have been applied:

If all the solutions could not help, and the bug has not been reported in here as well (to avoid reposting bugs that might have already been posted.) feel free to use this thread to report in-game bugs:

If it comes to savegame problems, crashes and such, please send our support
a savegame, that our devs can easily have a look into that.
-> Here you can find your savegames for Vikings - Wolves of Midgard (even when Cloudsaving is enabled!):
C:\Users\Unerde\AppData\LocalLow\Games Farm s_r_o_\Vikings_ Wolves of Midgard
You can get to this folder by doing the following:
- Type “%appdata%” without “” in your Windows search bar (no matter which OS you are using.
- You will be forwarded to the folder “Roaming”. Just get back in the “appdata”-folder
- Please select the Folder “locallow”
- There you select “Games Farm s_r_o_”
- Now “Vikings_ Wolves of Midgard”
- And simply select the whole “saves”-folder. Best would be archiving it, with e.g. WinRar

(Old/previous thread for version 1.00: )
Played a game of vikings wolves of midgard 6 hours. Reached level 7. After you exit the game and log back in the character was level 1 without items. Missing button to continue. Please return me my level. What should the data provide. Artur

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