Vikings - WoM: Version 1.01 Changelog
Hier das Changelog der (Steam) Version 1.01, welche wir am 03.04.2017 aufgespielt haben.
Noch ist sie in der englischen Sprachversion, allerdings wird sich dies noch im Laufe der Woche ändern.

Zusätzliche Änderungen/Ergänzungen
  • Hinzugefügt: Option um die Kill-Cam zu aktivieren/deaktivieren
  • Hinzugefügt: Option um die Controller Vibrationen zu aktivieren/deaktivieren

Mouse and Keyboard controls changes/fixes
  • Fixed: Selling/Buying with RMB is now possible
  • Fixed: Rune-Bug in Inventory with Mouse and Keyboard
  • Fixed: “Not enough resources“-window suddenly appearing at Blacksmith when using Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed: Issue with Items that could not always be placed on slot when using Mouse & Keyboard
  • You can now purchase runes from Fardain the merchant with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Click&Hold to trade resources with merchant is again possible with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed constructions that could not be destroyed with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed wood Icon being too close to number in mouse & keyboard
  • Fixed: Rare issue with Hosts seeing console-buttons, when hovering over continue text in dialogs with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed: Character stopping movement when holding down left mouse-button (LMB) and moving over the skillbar
  • Fixed: Blocker on “Dvergheim Blues” after finishing “Path into Darkness” in MP with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Fixed: Controls will be switch to controller when using the arrow-keys while in a shop - fixed but controls need to be reset once

  • Trial of Gods: Thor - Lightning now visible for client player and does damage to him
    Client now sees gift triggered with B (Loki) by host
  • Fixed: Trial of Gods drops are not always showing up in inventory
  • Fixed: Player respawns below ground in Ulfung Village
  • Fixed Achievement “Gold Standard Trader” not unlocking
  • Fixed: Rare issue with Players stuck in the ground
  • Client now can use the portal on the raid “Viking Marauder” to go back
  • Fixed: Rings which falsely did not add their stats to overall stats
  • Fixed: Rare resolution changes after character creation
  • Fixed: Invisible wall on Ettin Hunt
  • Fixed: Flag-counter resets on Old Enemy
  • Fixed: Rare issue, where player is not able to finish “Battle of Kairlion”
  • Fixed: Game freezes, when putting together Artifact weapons
  • Fixed: Player stuck location on “Paladin Crusade”
  • Fixed: Rare issue, where the player could not progress correctly, when playing tutorial after MP game
  • Fixed: Wrong gender in cutscene-text
  • Fixed: Portal bug on “Simul”-level
  • Fixed: Item/Progress loss bug
  • Borderless windowed mode changed
  • Fixed: Rare issue with players unable to move after upgrading Skald as client in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Object named "new game" on “Unexpected Ally” visible in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Rare issue with character sliding on “Unexpected Ally”
  • Fixed: Inventory displayed without options after travelling
  • Fixed: Rare infinite loading screens when starting raids
  • Fixed: Various localization errors
  • Fixed: Bossfight in Jarnung Village
  • Fixed: Characters sliding on “Flotnar Liberation”
  • Fixed: Enemies disappearing on “Unexpected Ally”
  • Nerfed Bossfight on Jarnung village on some difficulties
  • Fixed: Rare issue with rage mode unable to be activated in tutorial
  • Fixed: Steam Achievements Icons
  • Fixed: Weapons of killed enemies jumping or hovering
  • Fixed: Stats Menu last line broken
  • Fixed: Rare issue in Ulfung Village, where players could not move after talking to merchant
  • Runesmith now has an item on the map
  • Fixed: Skalli Bossfight having English voiceover in German version
  • Fixed: Issue on “Old Enemy”, where player could get stuck behind chest
  • Fixed: Issue on “Bishops Gambit”, where Player could get stuck behind chest
Update 1.01 wurde auf Steam veröffentlicht!

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