Some News Please Unerde
It sure would be nice to get a little news about the progress of a good bug fixing update. Sadly this game is losing interest and if Reborn and Kalypso don't get their act together they're going to lose a lot of Urban Empire customers who will never buy another one of their products. Unerde you need to do your job and give us some information on when we might expect a good update, not just lame localization fixes. Granted localization bugs need to be fixed but we need some of the bugs that mar gameplay fixed and soon.

If you look at the Steam UE discussion board you can see that many of the comments now are about the developers taking our money and abandoning the game. A little update news here and there would do a lot to give us disappointed customers some hope that we can play an improved version of the game. Also an estimated release date would be nice, doesn't have to be an exact day but at least give us a target month when we can expect a good update.

This is my first Kalypso game, I was hoping that a German game company might be better at quality but so far I have to say I'm disappointed that Kalypso is no better than anyone else on that score. This will be my last Kalypso game if UE isn't updated and updated quickly. I haven't played the game for more than a month now waiting for an update to fix many of the bugs I've seen and reported. The new rail game looks interesting but I won't touch it if UE isn't fixed.

So Unerde please stop giving us the silent treatment and give us some useful hopeful info on when we can expect a good update that fixes many bugs. I also hope that any who agree with me will chime in and ask for update news.


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