Vikings - WoM: Version 1.02 (derzeit nur Steam) Changelog
Bitte zu beachten, dass wir auch weiterhin Bugmeldungen annehmen, diesen nachgehen, Bugfixes erstellen und testen.
Patch 1.03 ist bereits in der Mache und wird auch das "Inventar Problem" beheben.

Nur EN (bei Fragen allerdings gerne und jederzeit an mich):
  • Fixed Blocker at upgrading ship with Sailspar because of skipping a mission (this will also fix your existing savegame, so there is no need to start the whole game/mission anew)
  • Fixed skipping a quest resulting in missing quest items
  • Fixed Items sold at Skald not payed properly
  • Fixed Armor stats not shown right
  • Fixed Unbinding "Space" leading to blocker in Tutorial
  • Fixed rare blocker in Multiplayer during Trial of Gods If the host is a Valhalla Player and dies
  • Changed number displayed when inviting someone
  • Fixed rare issue with dead enemies still standing for coop-client player on Unexpected Ally
  • Fixed several achievements not triggering
  • Fixed rare bug which displayed side missions in wrong language (Restarting mission might be necessary)
  • Fixed <ua> tag at boat on Battle of Kairlion
  • Fixed Blocker on Battle of Kairlion caused by withdrawing and reloading checkpoint
  • Fixed issue with enemies not attacking or moving anymore
  • Fixed several invisible collisions
  • Changed Xbox controller behaviour when selling items
  • Fixed unreachable Ettins on Ettin Hunt raid
  • Fixed Trial of gods counting for other character

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