[YT] New Gameplay-Video: General's Handbook #2 Development - Changes to the Game
Have you seen our recently introduced "General's Handbook" YouTube series?
The today released second General's Handbook #2 „Development - Changes to the Game”, like the name already implies will cover and gives you a glimpse on the development of the game and again not before seen gameplay footage about Sudden Strike 4.

So please feel free to watch the newly released second video “Development - Changes to the Game”:
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRNW3pOVRCM]

Missed the first one? Watch the General's Handbook #1 "Overall Gameplay" here:
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf9n7hLn...e=youtu.be]

Spoiler: Next General's Handbook: #3 - Generals/doctrines
hi i play al the old ss games and watching the video s you guys made and i am not amused

i dind play ss4 i tink nowan did but, you guys stil have e lot of work to do if you want e good ss Serie

tank commanders ? are you kidding me thats wat most ppl hate about this game
tanks don't even shoot as far as e infantry can see ? whats up whit that coh has the same feature and thats not how sudden is played.

if you wanna relies the game like that, you gone have have e very angry community and no players
you have to relise e demo mp map and let ppl play the game and than you probably need e odder 6 moonhts the work on the product the have e good game.
ss3 dev dind lisning to the comunety and the game was dead before it even came out
just checked out the new video and the tank commanders have e good range of sight guys

i am sorry i jump to fast at conclusions but this new video you released seems lot better than the previous game play
Hello TnT-amazone.
Thank you for your feedback and we are happy we could shed some more light on the game.
Keep it up!


some more micro management from troops is more interesting than the show al the different missions we can see.
old players can see in e second what is good and what is not comparing to the old ss game.
bringing the fuel back from resors war is not e good future i tink some mp games go on for more than one hour.
are can you switch the fuel out in mp game?

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