Vikings - WoM: Version 1.04 Changelog
Bugfixes & Improvements
  • Blocker solved which made it impossible to sail to Fron
  • Fixed issue with Skallagrim not responding
  • Fixed issue which blocked upgrading the ship
  • Bug fixed where side mission counter Values would reset in hunts
  • Fixed not enough Haugbuis spawning after solving puzzle in Haugbuis hunt
  • The "+" symbol is now properly displayed in the title of the "Новая игра+" button in russian version
  • Changed Steam settings which were blocking achievements from fulfilling
  • Improved pathfinding when playing with mouse and keyboard
  • Fixed Resolution 2560x1440 showed two times in available settings

    Known issues
  • Selected Tattoos in Character creation do not look properly in the game
  • Russian localization. There is no text in the warning pop-up about starting the NG+
  • Trashcan item hides item count
  • Rare issue with player reset to Level 1 after finishing the game in Coop and joining coop partner again in New Game+
  • Valhalla Mode achievement not unlocking
  • Unable to upgrade ship due to missing "Mariner's Astrolab" in mission Castra Ignis
  • Base stats not shown on crafting item preview
    (We are aware of those and they will be fixed with the next patch and do not need to be reported)

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