How to disable controller (gamepad) completely in Tropico 5 ?

I'd like to use my Xbox One controller in Tropico 5, and game supports controller, but I don't like Controller Layout, and how game interface changes.
I'd rather use "Controller Companion" tool and assign each button to emulate keyboard and mouse as I do for many other games.
But when I disable gamepad controls in the options menu. Controller buttons and analog sticks are still working as if I keep it enabled.

How to completely disable controller support in Tropico 5, so I could map keyboard and mouse to controller  myself via "Controller Companion" ?

Please help!

Hello jobosherok.
So easiest way would be simply unplugging your controller from your PC before starting the game.


Hello, Unerde.
thanks for trying to help and sorry for late response. This method doesn't work. When I plug my controller back (I'm using USB wireless stick), game recognizes it again, i.e. I can rotate camera via right stick and slowly move screen via left stick. but I totally don't like it, I don't like how developers of the game have assigned forcefully all controller layout. As i mentioned in the first post, I want to assign each button myself and in Tropico 5 it seems not possible.


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