[EN] Empire TV Tycoon now live on the App Store
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Management sim lets players steer their own TV channel to fame and glory

Catering to power-hungry wannabe TV executives everywhere, publisher Kalypso Media today announced that management simulation game Empire TV Tycoon is now available for iOS tablet devices. The aim of the game is for players to manage a TV channel and build their audience by taking decisions that will drive their channel to fame and fortune. Players decide the content of their channel, select advertisers, hire workers, make their own productions, hire actors and much more.

The title comes to mobile devices following prior indie success on Steam where it has sold over 70,000 copies. Blending elements of both strategy and simulation, players begin the battle for TV rating supremacy by selecting from up to 13 channel themes, including Sci-Fi, Horror, Sport, and Action – with each playing a pivotal role in the type of programs, advertising, and staff required. Players can then acquire the rights to up to 1,000 TV shows and movies for their channel – many of which are inspired by some of the most popular programs of the last 50 years.

Empire TV Tycoon takes its simulation mechanics a step further by giving players the opportunity to micro-manage all aspects of their channel’s operations. This includes directing the timeslot of each show, adverts played, and the length of each advert. Growing their TV empire allows gamers to expand to global markets, introducing a host of real-world issues that international growth brings, such as managing different audience tastes, dealing with increased pressure from advertisers, and deciding which movies and shows are aired during primetime hours.

Players also have the opportunity to get behind the camera to produce exclusive content for their channel. There are six production formats to choose from including TV mini-series, direct-to-TV movies, and AAA blockbusters. Players are also tasked with hiring actors and staff, creating personalised scripts, and storyboarding the entire creative process. Players can also submit their finished productions to the industry awards in different categories to increase their glory and fame.

Empire TV Tycoon offers gamers substantial replay value with three difficulty levels and  three gameplay modes to suit different styles of play. These include a points-based Arcade Mode, an Endless Play mode with no objectives, and a custom mode, allowing players to customise their Empire TV Tycoon experience by selecting from some preset mission objectives and victory conditions.

Empire TV Tycoon is available as a premium app on the App Store at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1174379274

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