Vikings - WoM: Version 1.05 Changelog
  • Fixed problem with Russian localization when starting NG+
  • Battle of Kairlion – fixed issue with incorrect count of Simul’s minions
  • German localization - Fixed issue with too long description for Velocity rune
  • GUI - Fixed issue when Skip message interferes with controller skip message
  • Fixed issue when highlighting of the dropped items was turned off automatically
  • Localization – fixed side quests showing up in different languages than original game
  • Runes in inventory not showing in Runesmith anymore
  • Continue button is removed when the game is completed
  • Fixed issue when not showing base stats on item preview when crafting
  • Fixed issue when player couldn’t upgrade ship because of missing Mariner’s Astrolabe
  • Fixed issue when player completed in Valhalla mode and did not unlock Achievement
  • Fixed issue in Russian localization where Health word was missing
  • Implemented backbuy for sold items
  • Added quicksell option on right mouse button
  • Removed confirmation window when selling
  • Flotnar liberation – fixed issue with resetting sidemissions
  • Fixed problem with drag’n’drop runes
  • Fixed issue with some tattoos
  • Fixed issue when player is stuck in Hide’n’seek

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