Vikings Version 2.0 Bugreport Thread
(This is the continuation of the previous Bugreport threads)

Find the latest and updated changelog of version 2.0 here:

Before posting any bug and/or problem, please have a look in this thread and make sure all of the requirements and workaround have been applied:
If all the solutions could not help, and the bug has not been reported in here as well (to avoid reposting bugs that might have already been posted.) feel free to use this thread to report in-game bugs:
If it comes to savegame problems, crashes and such, please send our support
a savegame, that our devs can easily have a look into that.
-> Here you can find your savegames for Vikings - Wolves of Midgard (even when Cloudsaving is enabled!):
C:\Users\Unerde\AppData\LocalLow\Games Farm s_r_o_\Vikings_ Wolves of Midgard
You can get to this folder by doing the following:
  • Type “%appdata%” without “” in your Windows search bar (no matter which OS you are using.
  • You will be forwarded to the folder “Roaming”. Just get back in the “appdata”-folder
  • Please select the Folder “locallow”
  • There you select “Games Farm s_r_o_”
  • Now “Vikings_ Wolves of Midgard”
  • And simply select the whole “saves”-folder. Best would be archiving it, with e.g. WinRar
Updated this thread to version 2.0 for Steam.
If it comes to problems/bugs on consoles, please head to the respective console bugreport thread!



Congrats for the update v2.0, its very nice to see this game getting new features!

Here are some things I have noted after making a new savegame and starting a Skathi char from level 0 on update v2.0 PC:

VENDOR FIX: Dismantle Items and Sell Items should not show equiped items (in use). This can led to mistakes and wrong sells.
Also, its not possible to sell T1 Runes to Fardain. When I press the button nothing happens

STASH FIX: Weapon Artifacts (purple parts) are not available to be stored on Stash. This should be possible since we farm
many purple parts of weapons that aren't usefull on the char we are using. Players would want to trade these parts because its
not easy nor fast to farm the complete set.


The first boss of the game is very hard for Skathi level 2 (first run - warrior difficulty) because the wolves run too fast and its not possible
to kill them with only one arrow (one hit kill) when using the default bow. You would say "repeat the level, farm resources,
level up then buy a new bow!" but its the first level of the game, this can be a negative experience for starters.

FIX: Reduce the life of the wolves so the archer can kill them with one arrow when facing the boss for the first time. This one hit
kill will happen in the future anyway because the char will be at higher level (in case player re-hunt the level).
Hi crisfenix.
Thank you for your kind words and also your great feedback.
Really much appreciated and we will definitively have a closer look into this.

Overall be assured, we will continue working on the game and as I cannot make any promises, we will have a look into this!
Keep it up! \m/



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