Vikings - WoM: Version 1.05 (derzeit nur Steam) Changelog

Bitte zu beachten, dass wir auch weiterhin Bugmeldungen annehmen, diesen nachgehen, Bugfixes erstellen und testen.
Der nächste Patch ist bereits in der Mache.

Nur EN (bei Fragen allerdings gerne und jederzeit an mich):
  • Fixed problem with Russian localization when starting NG+
  • Battle of Kairlion – fixed issue with incorrect count of Simul’s minions
  • German localization - Fixed issue with too long description for Velocity rune
  • GUI - Fixed issue when Skip message interferes with controller skip message
  • Fixed issue when highlighting of the dropped items was turned off automatically
  • Localization – fixed side quests showing up in different languages than original game
  • Runes in inventory not showing in Runesmith anymore
  • Continue button is removed when the game is completed
  • Fixed issue when not showing base stats on item preview when crafting
  • Fixed issue when player couldn’t upgrade ship because of missing Mariner’s Astrolabe
  • Fixed issue when player completed in Valhalla mode and did not unlock Achievement
  • Fixed issue in Russian localization where Health word was missing
  • Implemented backbuy for sold items
  • Added quicksell option on right mouse button
  • Removed confirmation window when selling
  • Flotnar liberation – fixed issue with resetting sidemissions
  • Fixed problem with drag’n’drop runes
  • Fixed issue with some tattoos
  • Fixed issue when player is stuck in Hide’n’seek

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