beta mp game
hmm is somting rong wiht the mp in the beta version.

if you wanne play verses persons the game alwais crach.
if you host e game and you have some ppl in the room the game kicks you out and thel you the host left the room ? wile we just waiting fore more ppl. if you are the host.

if you play vs  ia  only the pc player get reups and  the person playing the game nevver get any reups  not even if you stand on the train factory.

flags are points that you have the capture are  not even close to the old game .

i know the reups comming ouht by train are ship  is prity cool but  not rily  practich   reups sepose the come ouht ware you start  so you know wen you got any reups.

and no chat box wile you waiting in te mp lobby ?  are somting that thel you howmany ppl wayting in te room fore e game are ppl who are online
Hello TnT-amazone.
Please head to the beta-forum, to be found here:



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