Playstation 4 Issues
I realize that you cannot patch the game for everyone's individual needs, but there are some serious issues that need immediate fixing.

Any bug or glitch that prevents the player from progressing the story should be fixed immediately. One for instances is on "Battle of Kairlion" when you have to kill 30 enemies. I went home before the boss fight, came back to redo the mission and the mission counter does not reset in order to trigger the rest of the raid.

I don't know the maps specifically but certain map's challenge counter will reset if you back track to search out the challenges you may have missed before reaching the end of the map. Mainly i've noticed with challenges like destroy flags.

Lastly, some times while switching between close range weapons and long range weapons the long range will slide you towards the enemy as if you're using a close range full screen slides.

I really like this game and intend on getting the full $60 I paid for the game, i'm talking beating the game on insane with every class but cannot do this if i'm stuck on certain raids due to bugs that stop me from completing...
Hello Atl_Grief.
Please be aware that we have released an update for Vikkings -Wolves of Midgard on PlayStation4 yesterday.
So please find the full changlog here:

I have problems too.
Hello Olderns.
Could you share some more details about the problems you mentioned; which console, what kind of problems, latest updates installed?


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