PlayStation4 Patch v.1.03 has been released (01.06.2017)
  • Updated languages (fix for all localization issues fixed in between for PC version).
  • Loading hints added
  • Some VO and sounds improved / fixed
  • Fixed issue when upgrading ship with missing Sailspar – Albion
  • Fixed situation when the host is a Valhalla Player and dies in TOG - 2nd is stuck in screen
  • Fixed issue where Trial of gods counts for other character
  • Fixed issue when players lost all items and progress after returning from the mission (save system issue)
  • Fixed issue when character resets to level 1 and only one savegame can be loaded
  • Fixed issue where Client can revive host in Trials, if client dies and Trial is over
  • Non-valhalla players are no longer grouped with Valhalla mode players in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue when player may respawned below level in Ulfung Village
  • Fixed issue when joining player can select "travel to raid" and get an endless blackscreen.
  • Fixed invisible items in Inventory
  • Fixed problem with 20 Second Rage Achievement not unlocking
  • Fixed problem when player could enter endless rage
  • Fixed issue where artifact weapons disappear when assembled while having full inventory
  • Fixed issue with different languages for side missions than set for original game
  • Fixed issue when putting Mjölnir together could cause the game to freeze
  • Fixed issue where ring with armor +10% substracts 10% armor instead of adding it
  • Fixed problem with Achievement 'Gold Standard Trader'
  • Fixed problem where player can't skip cutscenes with controller when starting from new character
  • Fixed issue with "new item - xyz Rune" message after Challenge/Trial
  • Fixed issue when Iron Guardian boss doesn´t drop his fireblocks
    Ettin Hunt
  • Fixed situation when player was unable to reach the last two Ettins
  • Fixed issue when there were not enough Ettins on Ettin Hunt raid

Battle of Kairlion
  • Solved issue with checkpoint
  • Solved issue when Bishop does not disappear
  • Fixed issue when player couldn’t enter cave

Iron Fist
  • Fixed issue when player gets stuck after geting talisman of Frigga
  • Fixed issue when text referred to wrong gender upon completing mission

Path into Darkness
  • Fixed problem after completing Path into Darkness
  • Fixed localization VO issue in Skalli Bossfight
  • Fixed issue when getting stunned while in rage mode can lead to disabled abilities

Siege of Kairlion
  • Fixed issue when killing crabs had no effect

A Knife in the Dark
  • Fixed issue when construction can't be destroyed
  • Fixed issue when resetting Svanung flags

Jarnung village
  • Fixed issue with difficulty when turrets are to heavy

Tunnels and Trolls
  • Fixed wrong quest state
  • Fixed balista bug after shooting few times in wrong direction
  • Fix invisible crystals after player death
  • Fixed not visible particles on teleportation rune
  • Fixed issue with infinite loading fix for long raid list
  • Fixed map closing when press menu after inventory was opened

  • Disabled client interaction on draupnir
  • Fixed hunt problem

  • Disabled client interaction on special tool

Imperial Watchtowers
  • Fixed portals to utgard problem
  • Fixed resetting challenges
  • Fixed looting problems
  • Odin Talisman doesn’t target non-targettable enemies
Very happy to see fixes coming in for the PS4 version of the game. I played some today with the patch, and was finally able to get all the flags around Svanung village. Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work.
Does this represent all the fixes introduced to the PC version up to patch 1.05? I noticed there was no mention of the improvements made to NewGame+ mode by the PC patches, such as gear and stat boosts carrying over into a new playthrough. Were those changes not included in this patch?
Yes it will be goog to know if the New Game + carries over the items to the new playthrough. That was the reason I stopped playing after finishing it...
They do now, as well as the level up points you've invested in stats. Your resources reset to zero (wood, gold, iron, jotunjarn). On a new game ++ I think you're supposed to keep them as well as village upgrades, but don't quote me.
(18-06-2017, 07:21 PM)Barnak Straugnof Wrote: They do now, as well as the level up points you've invested in stats. Your resources reset to zero (wood, gold, iron, jotunjarn). On a new game ++ I think you're supposed to keep them as well as village upgrades, but don't quote me.

Very cool. Thanks for letting us know.

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