Urban Empire Update v1.2.1.1 (31/05/2017)
The Urban Empire update is available now on Steam, along with free DLC that includes new scenarios, events, political parties, inventions and much more!
Check out the changelog for full details:
  • Added new legend screen for icon descriptions (found via Advisor Log)
  • Added loading screen tips
  • Added choice descriptions to most of the choices in events
  • Added tutorial videos to some tutorial steps
  • Added tooltips to vote detail business areas
  • Changed: First month values are hidden until correct values are calculated
  • Changed: Clicking on victory step notification now opens the victory progress
  • Changed: Funding view displays delta changes, and functions better during ongoing votes and various fixes
  • Fixed issues with icon backgrounds not reflecting the correct value outcome (positive or negative)
  • Fixed issues with dialogs not always displaying correct values when cancelling and re-entering
  • Fixed parties proposing blocked/obsolete edicts
  • Fixed building views functioning abruptly when navigating quickly between tabs
  • Fixed issue with income being displayed incorrectly after loading the game
  • Fixed university upgrade being unlocked twice
  • Fixed infrastructure details view displaying incorrect information when opening for the first time
  • Fixed revoke status not saved correctly
  • Fixed failed edicts disappearing from the available list after loading
  • Fixed multiple occasions where tooltips were not displayed in the outcome / vote details window
  • Fixed multiple occasions where incorrect icons would be displayed in the outcome / vote details window
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Fixed party icons not displaying in vote details view
  • Fixed industrial/commercial tax icons not appearing in vote details view
  • Fixed issues with some effects being displayed as positive even though the effect was negative
  • Fixed funding votes now use correct vote times
  • Fixes to plots & buildings, visual and spawning related
  • Fixes to various events and edicts: data, outcomes and triggers
  • +additional minor fixes

Free DLC
  • 2 new scenarios
  • 22 new dynamic events
  • 23 new edicts
  • 2 new institutions
  • 5 new parties
  • 19 new inventions

Now, everyone have fun ruling!

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