More Privitization: Make the Economy More Dynamic
One thing I missed from Tropico 4 was the stock market. It allowed foreign direct investments to build their own buildings on your island and gave you tax revenue without having to pay maintenance cost or micromanage it. In general I want to bring this back but also allow more privatization in Tropico 6.

Basically, if you have your constitution set to "free market economy," the government can't build any economy buildings like banks, factories, hotels, restaurants, etc. They can "zone" for one of these buildings to be built and wait for it to be constructed. The buildings will be auto managed and pay a tax to the government. The stock market will also provide instantly built buildings by foreign powers but you need to have really good relations with them.

If you have your constitution set to "mix economy" the government can both directly create state owned enterprises or zone for buildings. You also have the option of clicking a button on a certain building to privatize it or nationalize it. 

In a command economy, no private buildings can exist, all are state owned. Thus disabling construction of a stock market, "zoning", or privatizing buildings. 

If you choose to go with "free market", you'll get a bonus. For example, a +10% production bonus. While if you choose "command economy" you'll get something like a +10% revenue bonus. Maybe even add a penalty as well. 

Overall I'll think this would be an amazing addition to the game and allow players more room to picture their islands to their wants like recreating Castro's Cuba or creating a Pinochet island.

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