First Screens of Tropico 6
Fellow Tropicans!
Following on from the triumphant news of His impending return, our illustrious leader has given us permission to share the first screens of Tropico 6 with you!


Looks good! Love the fact there are several islands per map now. The way the bridges go up so steep (example: second picture) does not look that realistic/good, though.
Hi KingDavid.
Please be aware that this is (as also watermarked) alpha footage, what means this is taking from development builds and does not at all depict the final game, but just a rough glimpse how the game will look and feel like. \m/


There is 10 screenshots on Steam page:
Is the United Nations (UN) coming back?
Maybe in a changed form but it would be nice to see Tropico joining UN/getting kicked out of UN if el Presidente will vioite the rules of UN. It can certainly add some new flavour in the game. Thre can be even a UN intervention in Tropico if el Prez does not respect human rights (kills, arrests, blackmails, tortures citizens), or UN can send a humanitarian help fot Tropico.

There's also something like EU called Association of Caribbean States (Caribbean Union):
If put in a right direction it can be interesting too.

And if not UN/ACS  for Tropico then maybe G20 with Tropico instead?  Big Grin 

I'm looking forward to see your hard work.

★★★Make Tropico Great Again★★★

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