Is there going to be a Collectors Edition with Season Pass?
For the big Tropico fans, is there going to be a Collectors Edition with Tropico Collectibles and / or a digital collectors edition with Season Pass for all future DLC?

Kind regards, David Big Grin
Hello KingDavid.
As we are right in the middle of development of Tropico 6, we first of all want to actually develop and finish the core-game, before we think about additional content. Wink

Same comes with possible editions and collections. As the release is aimed at 2018, there is quite some time and especially in order to actually work and develop the game, before getting into details about packaging and stuff Wink


That post above me sounds like Kalypso learned their lesson about EPs and DLC from T5.

Downloadable content is not bad. What IS bad is putting stuff already on the disc AND PAYING TO UNLOCK IT. That was, to be frank, the only thing that ticked me off about T5 expansions. Otherwise, the prices were reasonable for what they gave, given that each Map and scenaro gave several hours of play.
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