Vikings - Wolves of Midgard - 2.0 Patch Changelog
The latest Patch for Steam is available now, introducing among other things: couch-coop!
So please find the changelog already below, including some features, you are waiting for:

Couch Coop
2 players can play at the same time on the same PC (2 connected controllers required)!

Game+, Replayability and Grinding improvements
  • Game+ mechanics significantly revisited
    - Players don’t lose items with each Game+
    - Each Game+ offers higher challenge to the players
  • Player can play hunt maps after completing the game
  • Bosses added to Hunt Maps
  • Difficulty changed and rebalanced
  • Added more randomization effects for loot drop

Improved Trials
  • Rebalanced
  • Boss enemies to each Trial

Several new features requested by players
  • Talismans became charged items and are part of the random loot
  • New effects for Legendary items
  • Stash added to the village. It is shared between characters
  • Player can share items with companion during multiplayer game
  • Improvements of several boss fights, mainly the final boss fights

Several other improvements for stability, GUI and performance based on the feedbacks from the players

Multiple localization issues, especially Spanish and added Slovakian localization (PC only)

Improvements for sounds and voice overs

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