The Right Direction
This looks like more of a modern city builder, which is what I really hoped Tropico 5 would be. Hope it's good.
I hope it won't!

I like the present taste of good old Cuban atmosphere, mixed with a smooth fragrance of cigars and a basket of fruits.
I met Lulu Marie once, at the Tropico Cafe. Reggie's a twat!
Hi everybody.
We wanted to stick with Tropico 6 to the Tropico-feeling. So for sure there are whole new elements, as well as old elements that er even celebrating their comeback as well as a lot of player-feedback we received from our fellow Tropicans that will find its way into the game:
- So no Dynasty-feature like in Tropico 5; we will stick to the one and only El Presidente.
- Old but missed by the players: Election Speeches are back!
- Wanted by the players: Archipeloagos and bridges, bringing a whole new experience for old and new El Presidentes
- Eras will be back; this time the player will get throiugh a total of 4, rather than 5 eras.
- and much more, so please have a look into our FAQ, or ask!


El Unerde

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