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This looks like more of a modern city builder, which is what I really hoped Tropico 5 would be. Hope it's good.
I hope it won't!

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Hi everybody.
We wanted to stick with Tropico 6 to the Tropico-feeling. So for sure there are whole new elements, as well as old elements that er even celebrating their comeback as well as a lot of player-feedback we received from our fellow Tropicans that will find its way into the game:
- So no Dynasty-feature like in Tropico 5; we will stick to the one and only El Presidente.
- Old but missed by the players: Election Speeches are back!
- Wanted by the players: Archipeloagos and bridges, bringing a whole new experience for old and new El Presidentes
- Eras will be back; this time the player will get throiugh a total of 4, rather than 5 eras.
- and much more, so please have a look into our FAQ, or ask!


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(23-06-2017, 08:28 AM)thebeasle Wrote: This looks like more of a modern city builder, which is what I really hoped Tropico 5 would be. Hope it's good.

Hey thebeasle, I'm curious what you mean by "modern city builder"? You say you hoped Tropico 5 would be that, but I actually felt that T5 did exactly became a little too generic and modern, feeling more like a Sim City or Cities: Skylines than it did like a true Tropico game.

So I'm curious, what does "modern city builder" mean to you and what did you like/dislike about T5 that you hope to see added/changed in T6?

PS. Sounds good Unerde. I know all you've listed are the standard talking points/selling features for Tropico 6, but I'm sure we'd all love to see & hear more about the details of some of these new features (especially the fact that there will be visible evidence of crime or pollution, etc.) when you're able to tell us more beyond your standard list!
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