More Cool Loot please!
honestly, this is the first game I think could rival Diablo on consoles... but it feels like it was cut short... so much potential.... the couch co-op is a major step in the right direction... and dang it's so close... 

The game needs more loot... legendary cool looking loot that makes you want to go out and find it... even if it's in the pieces that you craft or whatever... This game deserves a massively loot infusion... no color swaps please-- actual new stuff!

It needs at least 3 players simultaneously...

A new character class that uses pets of some kind... there are wolf trainers in the game... it's a very easy step to make one a playable class...

Then this game would rival Diablo...IMO

I'd love to see some other things but these are the basix that would bring it up to snuff... devs any chance of these things happening?
@unerde can u guys let us know ur plans on this stuff?

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