Character Abilities and Other Game Bugs
First of all I'd like to say I love the game and I hope to see continued support.  I've been waiting for a game more similar to Champions of Norrath/Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance rather than the  Diablo style.

Loki Class Ability Issues:
1.  Double Blocking: appears not to work at all.  It does not appear to work with 1, 2, or 3 skill points into the ability. I've sat there with 1-5 mobs attacking me and just healed myself. Not once did my character successfully block. I've tested this with 1, 2, and 3 Gift points placed into the ability.  This was tested with patch 1.01 as well as the last two most recent patches 1.04 and 1.05 (PS4).

2. Venomous Blade: In patch 1.01 with 3 points into the ability, enemies were not left poisoned (no additional poison dmg was done).  I have yet to test 3 points into this ability in the most recent as I completely restarted my character (which leads me to the next issue).  Unless poison doesn't do additional dmg but slows the enemy or something else. I did not notice any additional dmg or negative effects with 3 point into this ability (knock back did work). Clarification would be appreciated.  Again, I have yet to test this in the most recent updates.

When 1.04 released I immediately logged into the game to see if New Game+ was fixed. In 1.01 when starting NG+ attribute points and gear were lost.  I was level 34 when starting NG+ and got to level 44 (with only having attribute points from levels gained 34 and on).  Thinking that the update would resolve this issue and allow me to replace my missing attribute points upon stating a NG+ with that character, it did not.  It only let me keep the the 10points I earned from the levels gained in NG+. That is when I deleted my character (now level 11).  Which wants me to suggest the following: when starting NG+ attribute points should be able to be redistributed (similar to a Respec).  This could be done for multiple reasons. Let's say instead of wanting to play a fully focused dps class maybe allow me to make a extremely tanky character by allowing me to put all points into armor, health, and resistances the next time I go through the game.

I do like that I am allowed to keep my gear upon NG+ (which should have been the case from day one).  Either way keep the updates coming and I hope these help fix some of the broken abilities for the Loki God.

Thank you,
Any updates from the developers regarding the above post? Should I post this in another section?
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Hello mmcglasson.
Please send bugreports and/or technical problems directly to our technical support
please do not forget to inlcude platform you are playing on, what you have done so far and what else might be helpful for our support and/or our developers in order to get this sorted properly.



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