Where do I find the cool armors?
im trying to find the rarest armors  in the game...  but nothing has dropped yet… Are the pieces I have to collect like to legendary weapons?   Someone said they were drops… But from where? The challenge maps? Can I farm whatever boss drops them?  Or are they random?   Does new game plus mode increase the likelihood of rare items dropping?   Or does it just increase the stats on everything?  Thanks!
After my experiences the rare items don't drop faster in a higher rank.
They got better stats, for sure, but there is no better droprate.

The pieces for the artefact weapons are fix, no random drop. Everything else ist nearly random.
It takes a while for my best pieces, e.g. Ring of the Fox with stats i want or the talisman of baldur (i hope the translation is correct - i'm playing in german language).
Translation is very good! That's disappointing about the drop rate... @underde any chance we could get an increased drop rate in harder modes?
Hello Seanshineyouth.
Please be aware that we recently released a huge rework and rebalance.
I can surely forward your suggestion, but cannot make any promises, especially, as there are quite a lot other things we want to tackle first.



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