[XB1]XBox One Patch including 2-Player Couch-Coop is live!
Find the full changelog with all changes, broken down into the several versions also known from e.g. the PC-version here:

Changelist 1.01
  • Added: Option to enable/disable kill-cam
  • Added: Option to enable/disable controller vibrations
  • Trial of Gods: Thor - Lightning now visible for client player and does damage to him
  • Client now sees gift triggered with B (Loki) by host
  • Fixed: Trial of Gods drops are not always showing up in inventory
  • Fixed: Player respawns below ground in Ulfung Village
  • Fixed Achievement “Gold Standard Trader” not unlocking
  • Fixed: Rare issue with Players stuck in the ground
  • Client now can use the portal on the raid “Viking Marauder” to go back
  • Fixed: Rings which falsely did not add their stats to overall stats
  • Fixed: Rare resolution changes after character creation
  • Fixed: Invisible wall on Ettin Hunt
  • Fixed: Flag-counter resets on Old Enemy
  • Fixed: Rare issue, where player is not able to finish “Battle of Kairlion”
  • Fixed: Game freezes, when putting together Artifact weapons
  • Fixed: Player stuck location on “Paladin Crusade”
  • Fixed: Rare issue, where the player could not progress correctly, when playing tutorial after MP game
  • Fixed: Wrong gender in cutscene-text
  • Fixed: Portal bug on “Simul”-level
  • Fixed: Item/Progress loss bug
  • Fixed: Rare issue with players unable to move after upgrading Skald as client in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Object named "new game" on “Unexpected Ally” visible in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Rare issue with character sliding on “Unexpected Ally”
  • Fixed: Inventory displayed without options after travelling
  • Fixed: Rare infinite loading screens when starting raids
  • Fixed: Various localization errors
  • Fixed: Bossfight in Jarnung Village
  • Fixed: Characters sliding on “Flotnar Liberation”
  • Fixed: Enemies disappearing on “Unexpected Ally”
  • Nerfed Bossfight on Jarnung village on some difficulties
  • Fixed: Rare issue with rage mode unable to be activated in tutorial
  • Fixed: Weapons of killed enemies jumping or hovering
  • Fixed: Stats Menu last line broken
  • Fixed: Rare issue in Ulfung Village, where players could not move after talking to merchant
  • Runesmith now has an item on the map
  • Fixed: Skalli Bossfight having English voiceover in German version
  • Fixed: Issue on “Old Enemy”, where player could get stuck behind chest
  • Fixed: Issue on “Bishops Gambit”, where Player could get stuck behind chest

Changelist Consoles 1.02
  • Updated languages (fix for all localization issues).
  • Loading hints
  • Some VO and sounds improved / fixed
  • Additional fixes from Unity Analytics
  • Blocker at upgrading ship because of skipping a mission? Sailspar – Albion
  • If the host is a Valhalla Player and dies in TOG - 2nd is stuck in screen
  • Trial of gods still counts for other character
  • Player on 1.01 are reporting losing all items and gift progress after returning from hunts or missions
  • Character resets to level 1 and only one savegame can be loaded
  • Client can revive host in Trials, if client dies Trial is over
  • Non-valhalla players are grouped with Valhalla mode players in mp
  • Player respawns below level in Ulfung Village
  • Joining Player can select "travel to raid" and gets an endless blackscreen.
  • Inventory filled with invisible items
  • 20 Second Rage Achievement not unlocking
  • Endless rage
  • Artifact weapons disappear when assembled while having full inventory
  • Achievements not working properly
  • Game set to Spanish but side-missions in German (Fixed issue with different languages for side missions than set for original game)
  • Player report losing items after coming back from killing bosses
  • putting Mjölnir together causes the game to freeze
  • ring with armor +10% substracts 10% armor instead of adding it
  • Achievement 'Gold Standard Trader' not unlocking
  • Can't skip cutscenes with controller when starting from new character
  • "new item - xyz Rune" message after Challenge/Trial
  • Iron Guardian boss doesn´t drop his fireblocks
  • Ettin Hunt - Unable to reach the last two Ettins
  • Not enough Ettins on Ettin Hunt raid
  • [Battle of Kairlion] Blocker by withdrawing and reloading checkpoint
  • Player can't enter cave
  • Iron Fist - Player gets stuck after getting talisman of Frigga
  • Blocker at [Battle of Kairlion] Bishop does not disappear
  • Text referring to wrong gender upon completing mission
  • Blocker after finishing [Path into Darkness]
  • Skalli Bossfight has English voiceover in German version
  • Getting stunned while in rage mode can lead to disabled abilities
  • Siege of Kairlion killing crabs but nothing happened
  • Svanung flags reset
  • [jarnung_village] Can't finish bossfight - turrets to heavy
  • Tunnels and Trolls Fixed wrong quest state
  • fixed ballista gamebreaking bug after shooting few times in wrong direction
  • Fix invisible crystals after player death
  • fixed not visible particles on teleportation rune in Trials Of Gods
  • infinite loading fix for km raid list
  • fixed map closing when pressed menu after inventory was opened
  • Utgard - disabled client interaction on draupnir
  • RBalheim - disabled client interaction on special tool
  • Imperial Watchtowers portals to utgard mp fix
  • Fixed giving items to player in Trials of Gods
  • Imperial Watchtowers fixed challenges resetting
  • Utgard hunt fix
  • ProjectileShooterRPGSkill (odin talisman) - now don’t target not targetable enemies
  • Utgard - Ettin hunt fix for bugged saves

Changelist 1.03
  • ”Game+” does not remove items anymore when starting new Game+
  • New Game+ after Game+ now possible
  • Runes can now be sold
  • New Game+ now keeps the level up points invested (damage, armor, health, elementeal resistance)
  • Fixed Blocker with closed doors at fire giants
  • Fixed Blocker at "Eternal Well" with built ship but impossible to sail to Fron
  • Fixed rare blocker with inactive merchants and no boat available
  • Fixed Script at Skallagrim to upgrade ship
  • Fixed exploitable hitchain objects
  • Fixed Weapon getting big for a short time when switching
  • Fixed Artifact weapons disappear when assembled while having full inventory
  • Fixed Dual-wield first skill exploitable
  • Fixed rare Game freeze in final cutscene
  • Fixed Tutorial not being displayed anymore in NG+
  • Added: Controller support for game-launcher
  • Added: Players are now able to destroy runes
  • NG+ does not trigger rage tutorial anymore during cutscene, when rage bar is full
  • Added missing stats on "Belt of Giant Strength"
  • Added missing sound effect on Jokul kill
  • Fixed issue with Runes displayed with -1 count
  • Fixed ability to slot runes into gear
  • Game does enter multiplayer game/s even when invited and game is not running
  • Xbox One Controller now works properly when other controller/s are/were connected
  • Fixed a rare bug which disabled skipping the first two cutscenes with controller
  • Player is now notified properly about full inventory, when crafting new items

Changelist 1.04
Bugfixes & Improvements
  • Blocker solved which made it impossible to sail to Fron
  • Fixed issue with Skallagrim not responding
  • Fixed issue which blocked upgrading the ship
  • Bug fixed where side mission counter Values would reset in hunts
  • Fixed not enough Haugbuis spawning after solving puzzle in Haugbuis hunt
  • The "+" symbol is now properly displayed in the title of the "Новая игра+" button in russian version

Changelist 1.05
  • Fixed problem with Russian localization when starting NG+
  • Battle of Kairlion – fixed issue with incorrect count of Simul’s minions
  • German localization - Fixed issue with too long description for Velocity rune
  • GUI - Fixed issue when Skip message interferes with controller skip message
  • Fixed issue when highlighting of the dropped items was turned off automatically
  • Runes in inventory not showing in Runesmith anymore
  • Continue button is removed when the game is completed
  • Fixed issue when not showing base stats on item preview when crafting
  • Fixed issue when player couldn’t upgrade ship because of missing Mariner’s Astrolabe
  • Fixed issue when player completed in Valhalla mode and did not unlock Achievement
  • Fixed issue in Russian localization where Health word was missing
  • Implemented back buy for sold items
  • Added quick sell option on right mouse button
  • Removed confirmation window when selling
  • Flotnar liberation – fixed issue with resetting side missions
  • Fixed issue with some tattoos
  • Fixed issue when player is stuck in Hide’n’seek

Changelist 2.0
  • Game+, Replayability and Grinding improvements
    - Game+ mechanics significantly revisited
    -> Players don’t lose items with each Game+
    -> Each Game+ offers higher challenge to the players
    - Player can play hunt maps after completing the game
    - Bosses added to Hunt Maps
    - Difficulty changed and rebalanced
    - Added more randomization effects for loot drop
  • Improved Trials
    - Rebalanced
    - Added final enemies to each Trial
  • Couch Coop
    -> 2 players can play at the same time on the same console
  • Several new features requested by players
    - Talismans became charged items and are part of the random loot
    - New effects for Legendary items
    - Stash added to the village. It is shared between characters
    - Player can share items with companion during multiplayer game
    - Improvements of several boss fights, mainly the final boss fights
  • Several other improvements for stability, GUI and performance based on the feedbacks from the players
  • Improvements for sounds and voice overs
  • Chinese fonts size problem
  • Adding message when dragging runes over item
  • Allow player to return to game after completing game
  • Adding Bosses to Hunt Maps
  • Add Stash in the village
  • Allow players to start NG+ with items
  • Random Legendary items
  • Implemented conversion of Legacy characters from previous versions of the game to access online multiplayer

Changelist 2.01
  • Fix for Achievements/Trophies Ringer of Runes
  • Fix for unable being level up above 60 level
  • Fix of the German text
  • Fix of performance issues on Xbox One (might have been present on other platforms as well, though it may not have been noticeable)
  • Fix to drop of secret skull in Utgard
  • Talisman is destroyed when the last charge is used
  • Added Legacy information to character selection in Couch Coop
    -> Hard Cap set to lvl 999
Thank you very much for all the hard work involved in patching the Xbox One version. It is very much appreciated. I own both the PS4 & the Xbox One versions of Vikings, so I'm glad to see both having their issues addressed.
Need to fix:
Belt with atk speed +9% substracts 9% atk speed instead of adding it
Thank you so much guys! Can't wait to get into this with my brother after that terrible hurricane!

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