[PS4] PlayStation4 Patch 1.06 is live!
Changelist 1.06
  • Fix for Achievements/Trophies Ringer of Runes
  • Fix for unable being level up above 60 level
  • Fix of the German text
  • Fix of performance issues on X1 (might have been present on other platforms as well, though it may not have been noticeable)
  • Fix to drop of secret skull in Utgard
  • Talisman is destroyed when the last charge is used
  • Added Legacy information to character selection in Couch Coop
  • Performance improvement in 4k resolutions
  • Hard Cap set to lvl 999

Some veteran players have been experiencing issues with their high-level characters due to the general re-balancing of the game. To address this, we have introduced the ‘legacy characters’ option, which creates a duplicated, downgraded version of your NG+ character (don’t worry – you’ll keep your items and skills), which enables you continue levelling up. With respect to the overall balancing and the resulting issues, it is strongly recommended that you convert your legacy characters for couch co-op and singleplayer. In multiplayer however, converting your legacy characters will be mandatory, to ensure the integrity and balance between all players and character builds.
Hi, I install patch yesterday and after that I collect all runes and trophy didnt pop. Another issue when I play couch coop as a client (not host) and I enter to Trial of gods my character was reset to level 1 and lost all equipment.
Ringer of Runes and Gold Standard Trader trophies are not unlocking for me, not sure if the 'Fix for Achievements/Trophies Ringer of Runes' part is working as intended. I've got all the runes on my character, some were bought and some via bosses, can you verify if it has to be from boss only. As for the 50k+ gold trophy, i've gone as far as +240k from selling to a single vendor in one visit, and even sent 90k to another character via the stash, but that didn't work. Cheers for any feedback or fix/workarounds.
Ringer of Runes is still Buged for me. I obtained all runes with two characters and nothing.
(17-08-2017, 04:41 PM)soundforcast Wrote: Ringer of Runes is still Buged for me. I obtained all runes with two characters and nothing.

Same for me I collected all runes two times with different characters and still not pop

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