Couch coop trials of god reset my character
Was playing couch coop on ps4, and when we entered the trials, player 2's character got reset into level 1... lost all progress. Anything we can do to recover the character?
We have the same problem !

Yesterday we bought the game for the PS4 and played COUCH COOP
-> first SUPER
-> secondly -> after our character was on stage 3 we wanted to play "the examinations of the gods" -> after this was loaded, was the character as second character (as said COUCH COOP) the character again On stage 1 and had lost all the equipment, was almost naked again, even without weapons.

We have tried this again a second time and again the same.

Can you help us?
(13-08-2017, 10:19 AM)andyleonardi Wrote: Was playing couch coop on ps4, and when we entered the trials, player 2's character got reset into level 1... lost all progress. Anything we can do to recover the character?

We had exactly the same thing: we quit the game, restarted etc but still the same deal - Player 2 was first level and had no kit.

We got around it (sort of) by:
 - Player 2 chose their (by now 1st level) character from Load Game, playing solo;
 - Player 2 entered the game (finding that their level and gear had been returned, so evidently it wasn't a loss of the profile, instead the PS4 evidently for some reason wasn't finding it), went to the next checkpoint (so that it saved), then quit.
 - Then, we went into Couch Co-op with Player 1 as normal and Player 2's character was as it should have been. ALTHOUGH, all the stuff we had done between arriving back at the village  and starting the Trial of the Gods was lost; shouldn't be a big deal but it so happened that Player 2 lost a long-awaited upgrade of quality cloth armour and a staff, which both seem as rare as rocking-horse dung, so it wasn't without cost.

I know nothing about computers except how to turn a Playstation on, but it seems to me there is a difference between the save profiles of the two players - the saves found in Load Game for the main player (P1) are one for each time you shut the game down; for P2 they are instead the last few checkpoints. This makes it much harder to rectify, if nothing else.

Another connected issue seems to be that you cant go back to a previous Load Game save in Co-op - as soon as you select the game you want to Load, you enter that game and so cant get the second player in, which is annoying.

Shame, because its a great game apart from these little issues (well, losing 30 hours of player progress isn't small, but hopefully it can be fixed).

Good luck andyleonardi/sven30!
Hello just wanted to state the same has happened in our Xbox one version of the game. Entering trials of the gods while in couch co op mode does in fact reset player 2s character and delete all that players progress everytime. Just figured the more this is brought to kalypsos attention the faster they will get started trying to fix it. Great game otherwise (other than the issue with player 2s gamesaves)

Hi everybody.
Please reach out to our technical support:
and provide as much details as possible, such as probably savegame, platfrom, version and if physical or digitally obtained and so on...
There more details you can provide the easier we might get this sorted and probably fixed.


Same issue here.
Just started the game trying out the Couch coop features.

Player 1 Char was lvl 4 and Player 2 Couch coop char was lvl 4 aswell.
Started the very first trial available at lvl 2. After chosing and short loading time both player characters were in the arena, player 1 character was same as before but player 2 character was now lvl 1 without any items in it's inventory. Aborting the mission and going back to the village didn't change that fact. quit to title screen an player 2 character was still lvl 1 without any inventory.

Tryed Aludumix workaround but when chosing my player 2 char as active character for the first player, there is no Load Game button in the main menu only the possibility to start a new campaign.

I did just a try run so not much harm done, but trying to play with my brother in the near future and don't want to run into any issues like that when we have played for several hours Big Grin

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