Online Coop Issue
My friend and I just bought Vikings (digital from Live store) to play together online on XB1.
Everytime we start playing together (both public and private match) game disconnect me or my friend from the match after 5-10 minutes with error "Ethernet cable disconnected" and back to main menu, but we still connected to xbox party.
We tried opening a public match waiting other players but no one came in.
And we both tried to join other match but game still on "Searching for"...
It's really sad because we bought this game just to play it together.
We both have a 100mbps internet, open NAT, DMZ, UPnP, also tried opening console ports.
Asked microsoft support explaining all the tests we've made, they said it's a server-side issue.
We play together with all games without any problems, this is the first time we have this type of issue.

Please help us, what can we do to not leave the game? Sad

Thanks in advance.

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