Question, USSR Mission 1 Leningrad

could anyone tell me how it is possible to win the Siege of Leningrad Mission in Challange Mode ?

Trust me, I completed nearly the hole game in Challange Mode, but this Mission seems to be impossible.

There is this convoi driving throu and you are supposed not to lose one of them - ok.
But when you are in the second postion of defence, there are entering two german Stukas the area heading for the convoi route on the right.
You have two ZiS AA Trucks but it is not possible to destroy both Stukas in time. One of them will always be able to drop a bomb on the convoi and you will lose one truck, so the mission is failed.

I mean, I like a challange, but this seems to be impossible with just two ZiS Trucks, you would need 3 of them.
(the third arrives later, but not early enough for shoting the two Stukas).

Have you tested this mission in Challange Mode ? ;-D
Mission easy.
Ah ok. Thanks mate !

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